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Unique Rock & Roll Collectibles

"I know, it’s only it's only rock 'n' roll, but I like it!"

The immortal lyrics of the Rolling Stones certainly ring true for many fans of rock music. Here at Art of Music, we love to rock out! That’s why we offer you signed, unique rock and roll collectibles and rare classic rock collectibles from your favorite musicians that you won’t find for sale online anywhere else.

Whether you like to jam out to the classics from performers like Elvis and James Brown, or if you like to bang your head to the heavy tunes of Metallica or Tool, you’ll find rare and authentic collectibles that will inspire you to rock on. We have a variety of albums, photographs, signed guitars and other musical instruments that would make a unique addition to the walls of any audiophile’s room.

Browse our currently available unique rock and roll collectibles online, or stop in at one of our three Las Vegas stores.

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As any self-proclaimed music aficionado will tell you, music sounds best on a vinyl record. It has a certain warmth that is unmatched by today’s primarily digital music. Not only does the sound offer an additional level of complexity, but the entire experience of vinyl music is different. The larger sleeve required to house a record allows you to see the intricacies of the album’s artwork. Even the inner sleeve design begs to be admired.

When you purchase one of our rare, classic rock collectibles, all of the qualities of the vinyl album will be prominently displayed in an eye-catching frame, with a ground that complements the colors and design of the album. Many of the album covers are signed by the musicians.

Photos and Posters

Rare photos of your favorite musicians offer an intimate glimpse into their life as a performer. Seeing the artist living in the moment as they belt out their hit song adds another dimension to your enjoyment of their music. Famous musicians’ autographs offer a personal touch to the photographs.

Iconic posters similarly encapsulate an experience, like that nostalgic feeling of the moment when you stood in line outside the event venue, waiting to hear your favorite band play their new hit song. Our vintage posters allow you to display your love and appreciation for the music that shaped your life experiences. Art of Music has a variety of AC/DC memorabilia, along with rare items from superstars such as Elvis, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and more.


Few items are more prized among rare, classic rock collectibles than signed rock ‘n’ roll guitars and other instruments. Simply knowing that your favorite artist once held the guitar and played some of their most memorable tunes on it makes it an unparalleled prize among collectors. We have signed guitars, microphones, drumsticks and other unique rock and roll collectibles than once belonged to some of the world’s most famous rock stars.

When you’re hunting for signed rock ‘n’ roll guitars, rare photos and vintage albums from legendary rock stars, look no further than Art of Music. We have Bruce Springsteen, KISS, Guns N Roses, AC/DC memorabilia and more unique rock and roll collectibles for sale online and in our Las Vegas store locations.